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Masters in Counseling Programs

masters in counselingWhat is a Masters in Counseling? An MS in Counseling is required for most positions in the field of counseling, and an undergraduate degree in counseling, social work, psychology, or school counseling is required. Some work experience may also be required.

Within the advanced counseling study, there are many potential areas of focus and concentration. Our section on counseling degree concentrations explores this subject in detail.

Many with busy work and family schedules will want to explore their options in Online Masters in Counseling programs, which cater to part time flexible study while maintaining high standards of educational quality.

How to Become a Counselor

The start of a career in counseling is often an undergraduate degree program in psychology or a closely related field. Most counseling positions, whether in a school setting, healthcare setting, or private practice, require licensing and continuing education credits.

Most graduate degree programs in counseling will also require a counseling internship of some kind. Through this internship, degree candidates can apply their learning, explore new areas of specialization, and get a chance to know a potential future employer.

Highest Paying Jobs for Individuals with a Masters in Counseling

As in many career areas, the highest paying jobs in counseling are often found in specialty areas, high pressure environments, and leadership and management roles. All of these are demanding positions requiring one or more advanced degrees as well as a considerable track record of accomplishments and successes in a variety of counseling leadership situations. We provide information about counseling salaries, as well as ranking of the highest paying jobs in counseling.