How Do Employers View an Online Masters in Counseling?

Counseling is a great degree choice because there are so many different fields you can work in with an ONLINE COUNSELING MBA. People in all walks of life seek the advice of counselors, and you may find yourself working with young children or older individuals who want to make a career change. Getting a degree in counseling is becoming easier all of the time with several affordable and reliable online degree program options. But do employers respect an online counseling degree? Read more to find out.

Benefits of an Online Master’s Program in Counseling

The online counseling degree is a good choice for a variety of reasons. The degree provides an easy and convenient way to get your degree. The quality of courses is comparable to an in person degree program. Sometimes, reputale in person degrees will also have an online version of the program which you complete. Your degree doesn’t indicate that you studied online. So if you take an online program near where you live or work. It won’t be a stretch for employers to imagine that you completed the degree in person.

How do Employers View an Online Degree in Counseling?

Not all employers will have the same reaction to an online master’s degree, of course. The plight of online degrees is improving as they become more mainstream. Employers are placing more trust in online master’s degree programs as more people graduate from the programs well prepared for their jobs. Once employers have experience with a worker with an online degree, they can see that the quality of the courses offered online is similar to that which takes place on campus. If anything, online degree holders prove something extra: they show that they are disciplined enough to complete online coursework on time, often despite holding full time jobs at the same time.

Some employers of counselors may look unfavorably on a master’s degree in counseling, however. It is inevitable that some employers won’t be as familiar with online master’s degree programs and won’t trust in their success at educating students. This can be an even bigger problem in a very person oriented program like counseling. Employers may wonder why the individual chose to get the degree online. Since counseling work involves a lot of face to face interaction and on the spot thinking, employers might wonder if the applicant has had enough experience dealing with people face to face once they graduate from an online program.

Augmenting Your Experience

There are ways to make your experience look more appealing to employers. The first is to dissuade any myths that revolve around counseling master’s degrees online. Usually, these programs still involve supervised counseling practice and face to face interaction; the majority of theory work is simply completed online. Employers will feel better to learn this. Also, you could augment your experience by having work or volunteer experience related to counseling. Volunteering in an entry level counseling facility, you may pick up some new information that other master’s degree holders don’t have. All in all, it is definitely possible to be successful with an ONLINE COUNSELING MBA.

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