Is it a Good Idea to Attend a NASP Approved, Nationally Recognized Program of Study?

An individual who wants to become a school psychologist may wonder whether he or she should attend a NASP approved, nationally recognized program of study. The National Association of School Psychologists, or NASP, conducts reviews of various graduate study programs attended by students who are on the path to becoming school psychologists. The NASP evaluates a study program using a high set of standards. An approved program meets or exceeds all of the standards held by this national organization. A graduate study program that is not NASP approved may meet some of the standards, but not all of them. The following provides an answer as to whether a person should look for a NASP approved study program.

Is It a Good Idea to Attend a NASP Approved Program?

The simple answer is yes. By choosing a study program with NASP approval, a student can be sure that the program offers a high level of training. This training serves the individual each day in the profession of school psychologist. Furthermore, a NASP approved study program offers students an adequate amount of field experience. Once again, a person who wants to join this profession needs the proper amount of practicum hours under the supervision of a knowledgeable, experienced psychologist. The combination of an effective study program and plenty of supervised hours of practice in the field thoroughly prepares a student for work as a school psychologist.

Why Would an Employer Look for a Graduate of a NASP Approved Study Program?

Naturally, a school principal who is looking for a new school psychologist wants the most qualified candidate for the job. If a job candidate studied in a NASP approved program, the administrator knows that the person has been well-prepared for the work. This notable stamp of approval lets an administrator know the level of preparation the school psychologist has gone through. If a job candidate attended a non-approved study program, the principal may be unsure about the person’s training and level of competency.

In What Other Ways Can Graduating from a NASP Approved Program Help in This Career?

A school psychologist who graduated from a NASP approved study program can ask for a higher starting salary than someone who graduated from a non-approved program. The job candidate can argue that his or her education holds a higher value because of the NASP approval. A person who is better qualified than other candidates merits a higher starting salary.

In addition to salary, studying in a NASP approved program gives confidence to a person who is just starting out in the profession of school psychologist. The field work is especially helpful in giving students a chance to test their skills ‘on the ground’ in actual counseling situations. Plus, they have the benefit of constructive criticism from their supervising instructor.

Finally, individuals who attend programs with NASP approval are better able to offer genuine help to students who come to them for help. They are up to the challenge of their work.