What Types of Jobs Will I Be Able to Get With My Masters in Counseling?

Someone who wants to pursue a masters in counseling will likely want to know about the occupations that are open to a person with this degree. The good news is that there are many different opportunities available to an individual with this sort of advanced education. The person has a choice of counseling either adults or children. Plus, the graduate has an opportunity to serve people who are dealing with a variety of challenges. Consider just a few of the job opportunities open to someone with a masters degree in counseling.

A Substance Abuse Counselor

 This type of counselor needs a masters degree in order to work with people who have substance abuse issues. One patient may be dealing with alcohol abuse while another is trying to control a drug habit. The counselor works with an addicted individual as well as his or her family. Sometimes a substance abuse counselor conducts group therapy sessions with several people who have addictions. The counselor has to guide the members of the group in talking about their issues. Ideally, the counselor will be able to help patients figure out the motivations behind their addictions and how they can overcome the problem.

A School Guidance Counselor

A person with a masters in counseling degree can work as a guidance counselor in a school. This job allows a counselor to work with young children in elementary or middle school. Or, if the person prefers, he or she can work with high school age students. Guidance counselors are needed in both public and private schools. The responsibilities of a guidance counselor include helping a student work through emotional problems or difficulties with family. The counselor helps the student to develop coping skills that can help him or her in day to day life. If necessary, the guidance counselor enlists additional help from social services or other mental health resources in order to serve a student. Helping a young person deal with a serious problem can be very rewarding for a professional in this area of counseling.

A Marriage Counselor

This type of counseling work is ideal for someone who can listen with empathy to the problems of a married couple. One of the responsibilities of a marriage counselor is to suggest ideas to a married couple that may help improve their relationship. A marriage counselor also acts as an impartial listener when the members of a couple explain the difficulties they are having with one another. A marriage counselor can offer a couple valuable advice because he or she does not ‘take a side’ in the disagreement. Both sides are listened to and taken into account when a marriage counselor puts forth suggestions. A marriage counselor may meet with both members of the couple at one time or separately.

Finally, an individual with a masters in counseling is able to help people no matter what specialty he or she chooses. The person uses the skills and knowledge he or she acquired in school to help a particular group within the population.