5 Great Blogs About Marriage and Family Therapy

Whether you’re a college student with an interest in counseling, or you have concerns about your own marriage, you might spend some time pouring over the top blogs about marriage and family therapy. These blogs feature helpful advice and useful tips that come from professional counselors. You’ll also find some great blogs that feature advice from real married couples.

Marriage 365

More than 800,000 couples in the United States file for divorce each year, and divorce rates are more common among couples who were married in the past. Casey and Megyn, the owners of Marriage 365, learned the difficulties of marriage at a young age. This married couple watched as their own parents married and divorced eight times over the course of their lives. Their blog features practical information on how you can make your marriage last and tips on treating your partner better for years to come. It even suggests date nights that are appropriate for married couples.

Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness is one of the best blogs about marriage and family authored by a man. Brett McKay created the blog after noticing the lack of real men he saw every day. He wanted to show readers that being a man also means being a good husband and a great father. He and his wife Kay frequently post articles on how they spend time with their kids, the things they do together and how being happy together is easier than you might think. The blog has its own podcast that you can download too.

The Marriage Counseling Blog

When couples face serious problems, many turn to licensed counselors for help. The Marriage Counseling Blog is one of the top blogs about marriage and family for those looking for professional help. This blog comes with a find a therapist search that helps you locate licensed counselors in your state. Articles cover topics like how you can improve your marriage, talk about troublesome issues with your spouse, signs of anger management issues and caring for your kids. It also helps you find counselors you can talk to online.

The Marriage and Family Clinic

Another of the top professional blogs about marriage and family therapy comes from The Marriage and Family Clinic. Though the blog includes information on setting up an appointment with one of its counselors, it also includes useful information that students, professionals and couples can use. You’ll find tips on taking care of your elderly loved ones while raising younger kids at home, signs on when you should see a marriage counselor and advice on getting over fights on your own. You’re just a click away from making an appointment with a counselor working for the facility too.

Dr. Romance Blog

Tina Tessina is one of the leading experts in the relationship industry. Not only does she have a PhD, but she also authored a number of books on the subject. Dr. Romance Blog lets her connect with her readers and others who need advice. The blog functions more like an advice column than a traditional blog. Readers write in with their own questions and concerns, and the author posts those questions with her responses at least once a week. You’ll have the chance to see what advice she gives to couples and individuals going through the same problems that you face at home.

Marriage and family counselors help clients with a number of different things. They can offer advice on couples going through a divorce or those dealing with children who lie and steal. Getting a better perspective on this industry is as easy as following some of the top blogs about marriage and family therapy.