Online Masters in Counseling Programs

In this article, we explore online Masters in Counseling Programs. Being a counselor is a rewarding experience. You have the opportunity to help people recover from the stress they’re undergoing, guide them towards taking the right path and improve their disposition in life.

If your goal is to become this kind of professional, then pursuing the appropriate degree is the first step. You have a choice between taking an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.

Obtaining your college education is not very difficult these days due to the existence of online degree programs. Many colleges and universities now offer the distance learning format to allow students in the different parts of the world gain their desired education without having to travel to another country which can be time consuming and costly.

Through this online education, students can enjoy the convenience and flexibility not possible when taking the traditional on campus route. They can accomplish their coursework purely online at their own pace and time.

There are some institutions, though, that allow students to earn their degree through both the online and on campus method. This is known as the hybrid degree aimed at allowing students to still gain hands-on experience particularly during their internship and meet face to face on certain times with their faculty and classmates on campus. This format is ideal for people who want to work on their coursework peacefully at home but still desire personal interaction with faculty and other students in a classroom setting.

Before you decide to pursue your degree online, make sure you do your research first. It should be noted that online counseling degrees are not yet recognized as part of the licensing requirements in some states.

For those who want to work as a substance abuse counselor, an associate degree can be your educational foundation. This normally takes two years to complete.

Those who want to assume positions as school, career, family, marriage, rehabilitation and mental health counselor must, however, choose a bachelor’s degree which takes four years. They can major in psychology, sociology or social work, biology, human development and statistics.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, the next step is to pursue a post graduate or master’s education in counseling. A master’s degree program offers various specializations.

Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling or Psychology is a common choice and requires the submission of a thesis

Master of Science (MS) has specializations in Counseling, Psychology, Human Services and Mental Health but does not require a thesis for completion of the degree

Master of Social Work (MSW) is recognized in all states in the U.S.

Master of Education (MEd) with focus on counseling is most suitable for people aiming to enter the academic field as education counselor

Completing a master’s in counseling degree from an accredited institution and obtaining the proper license enables graduates to work in various work environment. They can find jobs in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private and government agencies or they can start their own private practice. Counselors today also enjoy high compensation.

Determining your personal goals and doing your research on the available online counseling degree programs available should help you decide on the right career path.