Top 10 iPhone Apps for Psychology Students and Professionals

If you have an iPhone, it’s probably never more than a few feet away from you. This can be a powerful thing when it comes to psychology apps. Whether you’re a student, professional, or just trying to understand the mind a little better, these apps can help you reach your goals faster.

1. PsycExplorer

Called “a must have app for any psychology major,” PsycExplorer is an all in one collection of the latest psychology news, videos, blog posts, and tweets. The app is updated daily by Michael A. Britt, Ph.D., host of the number one academic psychology podcast.


2. Study Sets – Psychology

Study Sets’ psychology app organizes a wealth of information in a single app which functions offline for those study sessions outside network range. Sections such as Conditioning, Memory, Personality, and Neuroscience contain links to relevant Wikipedia articles. Look up the Lite version on the App Store to try before you buy.


3. Live Happy

In contrast to academic study aids, Live Happy is geared toward regular people who want their iPhone to help them cultivate positivity throughout the day. Featured in The New York Times and SELF Magazine, Live Happy guides users through daily activities which have been scientifically proven to boost short and long term happiness.


4. No More Meltdowns

An interactive version of Dr. Jed Baker’s book of the same name, No More Meltdowns helps parents track behavior and understand difficult incidents with their child as they happen. Building on Dr. Baker’s four step plan, the app helps parents keep detailed records which can later be analyzed to correct unhealthy patterns and better understand triggers.


5. SymTrend ADL

ADLs are Activities of Daily Living. For parents, something as simple as getting their child dressed, fed, or into the bathroom can be a minefield of stress and confusing emotional reactions from the child. SymTrend has been in the electronic diary business since 2001 and created SymTrend ADL to track ADL issues against therapies, medications, diets, and supplements.


6. Healing Hypnosis

No longer a bit of entertainment at a magic show, hypnosis has been proven to reduce or eliminate physical and emotional pain, even in patients who don’t respond to other treatments. This well-reviewed app by Darren Marks pairs his extremely popular hypnotherapy with relaxing visualizations and allows for sessions with or without a “wake up” instruction at the end.


7. Migraine i-pocketcards

BB pocketcards are an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals who need a lot of information about medical conditions and treatments in a small, pocket-sized package. This app makes it even smaller, putting over 30 pocketcards spanning 11 different therapeutic categories on the iPhone you already carry with you.


8. Momento

All psychology professionals recommend journaling. Momento sets itself apart from other diary apps with its full integration of services like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Your private thoughts won’t be posted to those public feeds, but Momento can integrate your posts and activities to help you remember how you felt and put emotions in context.


9. Better Thinking and Better Living

This simple app incorporates a 25 day plan for Better Thinking and Better Living.


10. Memory Practice

After his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers, David Dennis developed this streamlined app for her to simulate a neurology test which greatly improved her memory.