Top 30 Counseling Blogs of 2012

In today’s information-flooded world, many are searching the Internet for direction concerning their counseling needs. In response, counselors and therapists are sharing their knowledge and offering advice through the medium of blogging.

In preparing this list of the Top Counseling Blogs of 2012, we evaluated quality and freshness of content. We also looked for up-and-coming blogs as a way of bringing our own readers something new. Of the hundreds of outstanding blogs we reviewed, we’ve selected these 30 as being the most helpful and offering the sharpest insight in their respective area of focus.

General Aids for Counselors

  1. The American Counseling Association: The ACA is now celebrating sixty years of serving the counseling community. Its website hosts a blog sourced by licensed counselors as a resource for other counselors and covers a wide range of topics.
    Highlight: Insights

  3. The Good Therapy Blog: Good Therapy is a website dedicated to helping people find therapists. Their blog is updated multiple times daily by professional counselors and addresses all areas of counseling.
    Highlight: How Social Networking Changes Friendships

  5. Online Therapy Institute: Online Therapy Institute is a helpful guide for any counselor looking for ways to better incorporate technology into their practice.
    Highlight: Enhancing Mental Health by Understanding Cyberculture

  7. Counselling Resource: Originally created by Dr. Greg Mulhauser, this blog is now sourced by an international team of contributors and provides a scholarly look into the field of counseling.
    Highlight: Find Your Secret Formula

Pursuing a Career in Counseling

  1. Masters in Counseling: This blog acts as an essential guide to any counseling student trying to navigate their way through graduate studies. It aims to serve both students of counseling and counselors who are early on in their career.

    Highlight: Unique Mental Health Needs of Graduate Students


  3. Admitted Blog: The official blog of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, Admitted provides information for college counselors as well as prospective students and their families.

    Highlight: Strong Academic Momentum Positively Associated with Degree Completion


  5. DVC International Counseling Blog: A blog focused on guiding prospective students through the application process. It is written by an academic counselor out of California and is aimed toward international students.

    Highlight: Fall 2013 UC Application Integrity


Educational Counseling

  1. Savvy School Counselor: Creative advice and ideas for elementary school counselors from blogger Vanessa, who has been a school counselor for 8 years and is 2009 National Board Certified.

    Highlight: The Girl World: A Small Group


  3. School Counselor Blog: Another essential resource for elementary school counselors that uses new techniques and fresh ideas to guide and inspire children.

    Highlight: Connect and Share with More School Counselors on Twitter


  5. Counselors’ Corner: Views from school counselors about the counseling profession.

    Highlight: Why College Essays Need to be Risky Business


  7. The Counseling Geek: The school counseling blog of techies aims to put your counseling program into the 21st century so you can be an ever bigger support to your students.

    Highlight: Keys to Communication – Boost Your Electronic Communication Skills with TACT


Religious Counseling

  1. Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation: Faith based counseling resources and advice for Christian counselors and their clients.

    Highlight: Is there any point in talking to a person with paranoid schizophrenia?


  3. Biblical Counseling Coalition: A blog by Christian counselors, for Christian counselors. They provide daily advice on caring for people’s spiritual needs.

    Highlight: Biblical Counseling Ministries Catalyze the Whole Church


  5. American Association of Christian Counselors: The AACC provides spiritual devotionals and professional advice to those looking for religiously centered counseling.

    Highlight: Transforming Culture: Our Role as Christian Professional


Grief and Bereavement Counseling

  1. Grief and Healing Blog: Useful information on caregiving for a family member or ailing pet and advice on transitioning into a period of loss.

    Highlight: Grief Support Groups: What are the Benefits?


  3. Grieving Dads: A project designed to reach all bereaved dads and give them an avenue to connect and share their stories.

    Highlight: Too Much


  5. The Elizabeth Severance Prentiss Bereavement Center Blog: The Bereavement Center Blog provides resources to patients, families, and professionals alike.

    Highlight: Rituals and Grief


Relationship Counseling

  1. Marriage Counseling Hope: A blog by the National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists, serving as an avenue for a myriad of relationship-centered advice and as an liaison for finding the marriage counselor that is right for you.

    Highlight: Roomates or Soul Mates


  3. Men’s Counseling: A blog run by counselor Jason Fierstein which focuses solely on the unique problems that men face within relationships.

    Highlight: The Number One Thing Guys Must Know About Relationships


  5. Rockin Marriage: This interesting new take on marriage counseling has created a buzz in the media. It provides fresh look on creative ways to breathe new life into your marriage.

    Highlight: What is an Emotional Affair and Can it End Your Marriage?


  7. Divorce Counseling: Providing help, hope, support, and accountability to couples trying to rebuild their marriages and avoid divorce. The blog is updated by Michael Brooks Ph.D., who has 25 years of experience counseling marriage relationships.

    Highlight: Can You Save Your Marriage Alone?


Addiction Counseling

  1. Center for Healthy Sex: The Center for Healthy Sex presents a blog focused on helping men and women recover from sexual addiction. It provides a professional and stress free atmosphere to an often taboo subject.

    Highlight: Is Sex Addict the New Slut?


  3. Eating Disorder Treatment Blog: The blog of an eating disorder treatment facility in Newport Beach, CA. It posts expert advice on how to start recovering from an eating disorder.

    Highlight: Eating Disorders and Attachment


  5. Inner Gold Blog: Focuses on Internet addictions, primarily pornography.

    Highlight: Pornography Addiction Questions


  7. Addiction Blog: A great starting point for information on many the different forms of addiction, including compulsive gambling and prescription drug use. The blog is updated daily with clear advice on coping with addiction.

    Highlight: Intervention for Teenage Drug Use or Abuse: A How-to Guide


  9. CPDD Community Website Blog: The College on Problems of Drug Dependence was formed in 1929 and uses their blog as a source for information on substance abuse research, treatment, and related issues.

    Highlight: Context of smoking portrayals in movies influences risk for future smoking in adolescents


Depression and Anxiety Counseling

  1. My Postpartum Voice: Started in hopes of bringing together women who are struggling with postpartum depression, this blog uses personal testimonies to let women know that they are not alone.

    Highlight: Here Comes the Rain Again


  3. Depression Marathon: A Female runner and health professional contributes a candid look into her struggle to live a productive life after being diagnosed with severe depression.

    Highlight: My Own Private Roller Coaster


  5. Anxiety Sufferers Blog: A blog set up to help anxiety sufferers overcome their disorder with confidence. The site is run by 10 year anxiety sufferer, Paul David.

    Highlight: Anxiety Becomes a Learned Behavior


  7. Positively Positive: An inspirational blog dedicated to healing depression and anxiety through the power of positive thinking. Join their mailing list and receive a daily word of encouragement.

    Highlight: What Are You Pretending Not to Know?