Choosing a Counseling Specialization

Being a counselor is an extremely broad occupation that requires a specialty in a certain area or areas. Figuring out which specialization is right for you can serve as a roadblock that many people run into.

Specializations for Counseling

There are a variety of individuals that require the care of a counselor. The counselor needs to have the skills that are appropriate for the clients they serve. These types of careers are typically chosen by people who are interested in the job and not the money. Basically, you will be able to choose from three different specialties: mental health counseling, school counseling or rehabilitation counseling. Mental health counselors typically are focused on people who have mental health issues and substance/chemical dependencies. School counselors typically work at educational institutions to assist students with various career, social and personal development needs. Rehabilitation counselors work with people who have disabilities. More information on these topics can be explored by visiting this helpful website.

How to Decide

Once you learn the three basic specializations that are available for future counselors, you need to decide which one suits you best. Remember, in this field you want to target an area that you are extremely interested in. The goal is to help others so choosing a specialization just for a certain salary is not recommended. Deciding can be difficult as all counselors want to help people and all the specialties do that. This should be the easiest decision because these basic specialties focus on a large group of people. As you progress in your education and career, you have the opportunity to specialize further by obtaining various certifications. The important fact to consider is that there is no wrong choice.

Ethical and Honest Choice

As a counselor, you will be in a position to know things about people that nobody else needs to know. This includes medical information, personal histories, family histories and a variety of other confidential information. Being able to be trusted is of the utmost importance. This should serve as a guide to making a decision. If you do not enjoy being around unpredictable and potentially unruly people, specializing in mental health may not be the right choice. These are things that a person must think about seriously. Picture all the possibilities and decide whether or not it is something that is tolerable and enjoyable. If seeing people with disabilities that include physical disfigurement is upsetting to you, being a rehabilitation counselor would be the wrong choice. Whatever choice you make, ensure that it is something that will serve a patient well and is a choice that you are willing to live with for a long time.

Being a counselor is an important role in our society. Explore each option carefully and consider the potential for future specialization within that field. Pay a visit to the American Counseling Association. Here you will find excellent information and a helpful career guide. Research, explore, discover and make the most educated decision possible.