What Is A Community Counselor?

Community CounselorA community counselor is a mental health professional who provides support and rehabilitation services to members of a community that have experienced a tragic event. If you have always dreamed of becoming a counselor, it is important to assess all of the settings that you can work in so that you choose the right practice area. If you would prefer to work with people of all ages and groups of people who have been impacted by a disaster, this could be the field for you. Read on to learn more about your duties, career paths, and salary information to make a more educated decision.

What Are the Duties of Community Counselor?

A community counselor will interview and evaluate new patients on a daily basis. Once the mental health of the patient is assessed, the counselor and patient will identify goals and then the counselor will construct a list of treatment strategy so that they can be successful in achieving goals. Community counselors can work in several different settings and these settings include: health care settings, rehab centers, private practices, schools and prisons. Your roles and the patient base that you work with can be affected by the setting that you work in.

What Career Paths Can You Take in Community Counseling?

Community counseling is a very broad field and there are several different paths and specializations that you can pursue in this field. You may want to work as a rehabilitation counselor where you will help to treat patients with disabilities so that they can regain their quality of life during recovery. You may also work as a school or a career counselor, where you will provide students or job seekers with career and social support that can help them in their endeavors. You may also work in a health care facility, where you can work with substance abuse patients who are having addiction issues.

What is the Average Salary and Job Outlook?

As with any career, you should take time to find out how much you can earn and whether or not you will enjoy job security before you start studying to become a licensed community counselor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of counselors in the field that are needed to fill open positions is expected to grow by 12% in many specialization areas like school counseling and career counseling.

In addition to a positive job outlook, you can expect to earn a fair salary. The average salary of wage earners in career counseling is $53,610, and the average salary of mental health counselors is $41,500. You can work your way up in the field and even set your own service rates if you have a private practice. This is why salaries can range so significantly.

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If you want to work in a broad field like community counseling, you should start by entering a degree program to earn your Master’s degree. Once you have your degree from a state-approved academic program, you will need to gain hands-on professional experience under the supervision of a licensed professional. Check with your state to learn about the licensing timeline and then map out the route that you will take. After doing this, can sit for the exam and then become a community counselor.