What is a Vocational Counselor?

Vocational CounselorWith the unemployment fluctuating on a regular basis, it’s no surprise the workers want to know what is a vocational counselor and what those counselors do. Vocational counselors essentially help unemployed workers get back on their feet again. They help them prepare for job interviews, perform basic job searchers and hold mock interviews. Some counselors also provide mediation between an employee and an employer, which is helpful if the two parties cannot reach an agreement.

What is a Vocational Counselor?

Vocational counselors help those who lack the skills needed to gain employment. Counselors can work with individuals for just a few days or weeks or for an extended period of time. During the first session, the counselor will ask why the person needs help finding a job. Counselors also go over the basics of a person’s work history, skills and educational background, how the person searched for a job in the past and what that person does during job interviews. Vocational counselors can help prepare workers for future interviews with mock interviews, and they’ll often offer help writing a resume and creating a cover letter before applying for an open position.

Where do Vocational Counselors Work?

Vocational counselors work in a number of different places, including private offices, career centers and high schools. Those working out of private offices schedule one on one private sessions with clients and go over their needs in a quiet setting. Counselors working in high schools specifically help students interested in working full-time after leaving high school, though some counselors will also help with any of their college needs. Career centers, including those run by the local government, offer support to large groups of people who need help finding a job. These centers might operate in conjunction with the local unemployment office.

Salary and Income

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career counselors make more money than those working in similar fields do. The median salary reported among all workers in the field is $53,610 per year, which equals nearly $26 an hour. The Bureau also reports that the rate of growth for this field is on average with other positions across the country. While the number of people working as career counselors and vocational counselors grows with each year, as long as there are unemployed people and people struggling to find a job, there is a need for qualified and trained counselors.

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Rehabilitation Counselors

When looking at what is a vocational counselor, you might find information on rehabilitation counselors. Those working in this area typically work with people who have injuries they sustained on the job. They might encounter some problems with their employers when it comes time to go back to work, or they might find that their employers terminate their contracts. Rehabilitation counselors work as a middleman between the employers and the employees. They ensure that the employer follows the recommendations in place by the federal government and that they keep the workplace safe for the injured workers. Rehabilitation counselors can even ensure that employees know what to do when they go back to work.

Counselors help individuals find jobs and stay safe once they land a job. When you look at information on what is a vocational counselor, pay attention to where those counselors work and how they help their clients.