What Is An MBA In Counseling?

MBA in CounselingAt some universities, those pursuing a MBA have the opportunity to pursue a more specialized degree by working towards a MBA in Counseling. This is a good choice for those who wish to acquire the theoretical management knowledge that a MBA entails while also being able to complete some coursework in topics related to mental health and psychology. Those working in management position often need to have counseling skills to be able to direct their work forces and help staff members through professional obstacles.


The length of an academic program for a MBA in Counseling is typically about two years if a student studies full-time. This might be shorter or longer depending on the particular university or the particular program. Some schools have accelerated MBA programs that will allow students to complete their degree more quickly. Additionally, there are other options such as the executive MBA or the dual MBA that might involve different time investments.

The coursework that must be completed before a student is granted a MBA in Counseling degree includes both core business classes and counseling classes as part of the degree’s specialization. Core classes will most likely include in depth study into topics such as finance, leadership, organization, marketing, management, strategy, and economics. Coursework required for a specialization in counseling may differ between universities, but it will be likely to include subjects like counseling, human development, research methods, ethics, and psychology.

Employment Opportunities

An MBA in Counseling is a good degree choice for those who wish to work towards facilitating communication to overcome challenges at the companies and institutions for which they work. Those who pursue a MBA in Counseling should enjoy working with people in a highly social role.

The following are some possible organizations that may be likely to hire an individual with a MBA in Counseling:

  • Large Companies – If you lean heavily towards an interest in business in your choice to pursue a MBA in Counseling, you might want to seek employment with private companies once you complete your degree. Large companies might hire a graduate of a MBA in Counseling program to work with their employees and build strong morale among staff members.
  • Hospitals – Management tasks are very important at hospitals, and hospitals need to find management personnel capable of providing advice and leadership to both patients and staff members. Working at a hospital in counseling can be a very rewarding career and allow those who pursue this career track to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Social Service Organizations – Those seeking social services often need professional counseling to determine what their best options are. Working for a social service organization is another rewarding way to put a MBA in Counseling to use.
  • Educational Institutions – Those who enjoy working with children and wish to pursue a MBA in Counseling might want to consider looking for work in schools. Schools need counseling staff members with the skills offered by a MBA in Counseling program to help children through any difficulties they may be having with adjusting to the school environment.

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The salary of a counselor who holds an MBA degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, aveages $56,160. Counselors are always in need and their projected job growth is steady at 12% between 2012 and 2022. If you are looking at furthering your career in counseling, an MBA in Counseling is a great path.