5 Conferences for Counselors in the Northeast in 2018

Northeastern Conferences for Counselors

• Evidence-Based School Counseling Association

• Mental Health America Association

• Early Intervention in Mental Health Association

• Anxiety and Depression Association of America

• World Summit on Mindfulness and Stress Management

Annual conferences for counselors provide an essential professional development opportunity to keep up to date with developments in mental health care. These training events bring together dedicated professionals from around the world to share innovative practices, tools, and strategies as well as to practice self-care and recharge the emotional energy needed for their work. No matter which branch of counseling you practice, there is a conference tailored to your needs. These five northeastern counseling conferences are our top picks for 2018.

1. EBSC (Evidence-Based School Counseling) Conference

March 19-20th, 2018, NYC

This counseling conference is geared to those who work with children in a school setting. Over the course of two days, attendees will choose from a variety of peer-reviewed research presentations and small group meetings where leading names will lead collaborations and workshop activities designed to directly impact your practice at home. Past presentations have been guided by current trends in the field including ways to support student emotional well-being and the role of mental health in closing the equity gap.

2. Mental Health America 2018 Annual Conference

June 14-16, 2018, Washington, D.C.

Appealing to both mental health counselors and other health care practitioners who support mental health care, this counselor conference focuses on the intersections of interdisciplinary work. Starting with the goal of better supporting Americans who struggle with serious mental health concerns, the conference offers session that explore ways nutrition, fitness, intervention, and policy initiatives can all support a holistic approach. If you work in a practice that includes a variety of practitioners or with a population of clients that have complex health care needs, this conference will inspire you and empower you to think about counseling from new perspectives.

3. 11th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health

October 7-8, 2018, Boston

Hosted by the International Early Psychosis Association, this counselor conference focuses on the latest research and treatment strategies for a variety of mental health problems. The narrow scope of this conference on preventative practice and early phases of disorders means a heavier presence of genetic research and brain imaging can be expected. Participants usually include a variety of mental health professionals as well as members of the medical and scientific research communities interested in sharing their work with clinicians. Sessions tend to be research heavy with less focus on individual therapy skills or tailored applications.

4. Anxiety and Depression Conference 2018

April 5-8, 2018, Washington, D.C.

With over 170 sessions being offered, this conference offers both practical opportunities to earn CMEs and learn about ground breaking new research on two of the most common mental disorders in America. The keynote speakers will inspire you and help you reconnect to the values behind the emotional work involved with counseling anxious and depressed clients. Networking opportunities to share ideas and workshop case studies with peers from around the world are also designed into the program. The goal of integrating research, community, and practice drive every session in the schedule, which is truly tailored as a conference for practicing counselors.

5. World Summit on Mindfulness and Stress Management

October 24-25, 2018, Boston

Recommended as one of the top global conferences on mental health and psychology, this annual conference offers clinical counselors over 40 experts on using mindfulness to promote mental health. The sessions will include practical strategies that can be used with clients such as relaxation methods and awareness journaling that can increase your clinical toolbox. Current research on the neuroscience behind the impacts of stress on the brain will be shared in multiple sessions to suit a variety of clinical specialties such as addiction, abuse, and anxiety therapies.

Getting a counseling degree is just the beginning of learning about your field. Staying in touch with the latest advancements in the field will help you practice effectively and provide the best care possible for your clients. Conferences for counselors let you maximize your professional development time by combining motivational speakers, networking opportunities, and time to update your skills. If you want to travel within the Northeast region in 2018, these counseling conferences are a good fit for you.