15 Great iPad Apps for Students and Professionals in Psychology

While many use tablet-based devices for entertainment, they’re also incredibly useful in the professional world – perhaps nowhere more significantly than in medicine, psychology, and counseling, where tablet apps can be used to help probe, solve and monitor one’s health. We’ve compiled a list of the 15 great iPad apps for students and professionals in psychology. We’ve grouped the apps by Personal and Professional Development, Writing and Note Taking, Content Management, Remote Access, and Virtual Meeting.

Personal and Professional Development


For enthusiasts of the mind, PyschExplorer is indispensable. If you have this application, you will have access to published research, blogs, podcasts and interviews. The application publishes hundreds of research papers per month so students will have a pool of articles and abstracts to choose from. Students will be able to read the latest news and developments in the field of psychology and get personally connected to famous doctors and writers on Facebook and Twitter.


BrainTutor 3D

Students will be amazed by Brain Tutor 3D. This application will inspire people to study the brain’s anatomy and physiology because it comes with 3D colored presentations. Users can zoom by touching the region that they intend to study. The display seems realistic because it uses a rendered head and shows MRI brain models.



TraxItAll is like a log that keeps track of a person’s daily activities in order to meet certain goals. Subscribing to this application is like building a habit, and it motivates people to accomplish what they set out to do without any delay. Important notes, schedules and appointments will be recorded for future reference.


iCounselor OCD

This is a handy self-help tool. People who have this application ready on their iPads can avoid obsessions and compulsions any time and anywhere. The advice and calming activities were created by licensed psychotherapists. The application comes with a complete package including OCD level, calming activities and different skill sets based on the person’s level. This is not a treatment. For more questions and concerns please visit your doctor.



Shift is a game that many people love. However, it is not just a game. It is perfect for people who love difficult challenges and complicated puzzles. Like most phenomenal games, Shift is really addicting. It makes you want to play again and again especially if you can’t beat it. This game is worth the price.


Writing and Note Taking

Bamboo Paper – Notebook

Note taking is very important especially for students. Bamboo notebook helps students in jotting down notes during class and doing their homework. This is an all time favorite notebook application because it has different options like sizes, colors and styles. It works perfectly and gives you the freedom to write and draw like you would with real paper.



Penultimate has many different font colors to choose from. The most widely used font for school and the office is classic blank ink. It comes in a perfect size eraser too. The handwriting looks clear, and the drawing looks like it’s real and has been drawn with an actual paper and pen.


Dictation and Recording

Dragon Dictation

Tired of typing emails? Dragon Dictation is easy to use. Once it recognizes your voice, it will automatically transcribe the exact words you are saying. It is much faster than typing.



This is an excellent recorder for the iPad. Just imagine recording your class or office meetings on your phone. You can even record outdoors without losing the sound quality. Background noise is often a problem, but iTalk cancels it to produce the best sound quality.



Sometimes our thoughts and ideas go chaotic because we become indecisive. MindMeister is a good mind mapping tool that helps us organize what we think. You can use it to process all the ideas you have.


Content Management


Cloud app offers a variety of features for people who need enterprise content management. One of the greatest features is that there is no need to be connected to the Internet to access an organization’s videos and podcasts. Sharing important information and communication in the palm of your hands.



Dropbox provides portable storage for files. Videos, pictures and documents can be stored in Dropbox. What is great about Dropbox is that it’s free, and all your files from computers, tablets and phones can be easily accessed.


Remote Access


Using Wifi or 3G, LogMeIn application can let the user access their Mac log in. It can even open and check files and documents. This app can even manipulate and control the desktop.


Virtual Meeting


GoToMeeting is very convenient if you want to have a meeting online or set up a webinar. It is like you are having a real meeting because you can see each others’ faces, hear everyone and share files or documents for the meeting.



iPads and iPhones can now use WebEx to give users the chance to stay connected to important meetings and avoid any delays. With WebEx, conferences become real because videos and presentations are clear with the use of wifi and 3G.